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$250.00 per kit
20 tests per kit (10 patients total)


InflammaDry is a rapid, immunoassay test for the visual, qualitative, in vitro detection of elevated levels of the MMP-9 protein in human tears, from patients suspected of having dry eye. InflammaDry is to be used to aid in the diagnosis of dry eye, in conjunction with other methods of clinical evaluationsisipisi.ccsisipisi.ccsisipisi.ccsisipisi.cc.

    • Accurate: 81% sensitivity, 98% specificity
    • Easy to use: 4 simple steps, can be performed by a technician
    • Cost effective: single use, disposable test, no additional equipment needed
    • Fast: results in as soon as 10 minutes
    • Right treatment: guides appropriate therapies

Store at room temperature. For in vitro diagnostic use. Not to be taken internally. Keep out of reach of children. Requires a CLIA Waiver.