Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Quidel is proud to have these eye health professionals supporting the use of InflammaDry and QuickVue


Dr. Guillermo Amescua Bascom Palmer Eye Institute

Dr. Brandon Ayres Wills Eye Hospital

Dr. Kendall Donaldson Bascom Palmer Eye Institute

Dr. Alice Epitropoulos Eye Surgeons of Ohio

Dr. Terry Kim Duke University Eye Center

Dr. Cynthia Matossian Matossian Eye Associates

Dr. Marguerite McDonald Ophthalmic Consultants of Long Island

Dr. Victor Perez Duke University Eye Center

Dr. Laura Periman Redmond Eye Center

Dr. John Sheppard Virginia Eye Consultants

Dr. Christopher Starr Weill Cornell Eye Associates

Dr. Darrell White Sky Vision Centers


Practice Management 

Patti Barkey Bowden Eye, Dry Eye University 

John Rumpakis, OD, MBA Practice Resource Management, Inc


Dr. Greg Caldwell Centar, Imler, and Caldwell

Dr. Michael Cooper Windham Eye Group

Dr. Mike Cymbor Nittany Eye Associates

Dr. Damon Dierker Eye Surgeons of Indiana

Dr. Stephanie Frankel Bascom Palmer Eye Institute

Dr. Jackie Garlich 20/20 Glance

Dr. Scott Hauswirth University of Colorado, Denver

Dr. Seema Nanda Texas Eye Institute

Dr. Thomas Kislan Hazelton Eye Specialists

Dr. Justin Schweitzer Vance Thompson Eye

Dr. Jim Thimons Ophthalmic Consultants of Connecticut

Dr. Walt Whitley Virginia Eye Consultants